Translation: Strength/Severity


Din, Justice, Pachad, Fear

Spiritual experience(s)

Vision of Power



Yetziratic text

The Fifth Path is named The Rooted Consciousness. (Sekhel Nishrash) It is called this because it is the essence of the homogeneous Unity. It is unified in the essence of understanding, which emanates from the domain of the Original Wisdom.


Geburah is symbolized by the pyramid, a five-sided geometric solid. This Sephirah breaks down the forms brought forth by Chesed, and ensures that there is a limit to growth. Without it, the Tree would collapse under the weight of excess or die from a waste of energy. Many fear the action of this Sephirah, though, as it embodies death and destruction. Thus, one of its titles is Pachad, or Fear. However, there is no need to fear it, as it is the great liberator of force. If there were no death, there would be no growth and we would be forced to deal with outworn forms and stagnation.

In the human being, this is the principle of catabolism. Outworn tissues are broken down and expelled as waste products, and cell growth is limited to ensure that the body is not overcome by cancers. The large intestine, urinary tract, and related systems may be influenced here, as well as psychic processes that release negative emotional energy. The forgiveness invoked by Chesed works in partnership with Geburah to break down karmic burdens, as well.