Web resources

This page provides a listing of web resources you may find interesting. Click on the image to go to the website in a new window.
Alchemy course on CD   (Triad Publishing)
This publisher sells the course materials for the Philosophers of Nature course in alchemy and qabalah. I bought a copy from them when they sold it on eBay for $99!
Alchemy on Levity.com   (The Alchemy Web)
This is an encyclopedic site and an excellent reference for alchemical wisdom.
Decent scales   (Saveon Scales)
I bought their battery/AC powered digital scale. The keypad has gotten a bit cranky, but it seems to be accurate and is quite easy to use. And it was quite inexpensive.
Eden Botanicals   (Eden Botanicals)
This is a local purveyor of essential oil products. I bought the fossil amber oil from them. Wonderful stuff!
Hydraulic tincture press   (Horizon Herbs press)
This is the hydraulic press that I hope to use someday.
Lab glassware   (United Glass Technologies)
This is one of my sources for high quality lab glassware. They ship promptly, respond quickly to queries, and are a pleasure to do business with.
Lab glassware   (Avogadros Lab Supply)
This is an excellent supplier of laboratory glassware. Their products are high quality and very reasonably priced, and they ship quickly and reliably.
Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn   (OSOGD)
This is the home site for a modern, working Golden Dawn order. The OSOGD has redacted the original G.D. practices with Thelema and Tibetan Buddhist techniques. I was drawn to the Order because they have successfully melded the compassion teachings of Buddhism with Hermeticism, and it is apparent that this has reduced or eliminated the ego-inflation problems that are the scourge of the Western mysteries so often.
Organic alcohol   (Alchemical Solutions)
They sell both organic grape and organic grain alcohol, 190-proof. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the product is excellent!
Organic herb supplier   (Mountain Rose Herbs)
I highly recommend this supplier for extremely high quality organic medicinal herbs and supplies!
Potassium carbonate   (Chemistry store pot carb)
If you want to capture Angel Water or create a caustic menstruum for alchemical extractions, this is a fine supplier for pot carb.
Soxhlets, anyone?   (eBay.com)
Create a search agent for soxhlet devices, as they come and go. What you want, in order to use it with Gary's apparatus, is a device with 24/40 male, 45/50 female ends, and at least 100mL chamber.
Steam distillation train   (Heart Magic steam distiller)
This is hands-down the best steam distillation apparatus for essential oils. I've found that it is versatile enough for many other uses in alchemy. Gary (the maker) is very accommodating if you need custom glassware, too.
Supplier for soxhlet thimbles   (Environmental Express)
These folks sell the cellulose thimbles I use for my soxhlet. Perform a search for thimble to find their stock. NOTE: first acquire a soxhlet device, and then, based on its measurements, choose the correct size of thimble.
Tincture presses   (Mathres Presses)
I bought my tincture press from these guys. The press plate fell off due to HEAVY usage, but I still like it. I'll probably graduate to a hydraulic press someday!