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Card name Title Planet Zodiacal sign Decan Trigesimal Quadrant Path Element Tattwas Incenses Musical tones
The Fool Spirit of the Aether 11 Air Galbanum C natural, F natural
The Magus Magus of Power Mercury 12 Storax E natural
The Priestess Priestess of the Silver Star Moon 13 Aloes G sharp
The Empress Daughter of the Mighty Ones Venus 14 Sandalwood G natural
The Emperor Sun of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty Aries 15 Dragon's blood C natural
The Hierophant Magus of the Eternal Taurus 16 Storax C sharp
The Lovers Children of the Voice; Oracle of the Mighty Gods Gemini 17 Wormwood D natural
The Chariot Child of the Powers of the Waters; Lord of the Triumph of Light Cancer 18 Onycha D sharp
Strength/Lust Daughter of the Flaming Sword Leo 19 Frankincense E natural
The Hermit Prophet of the Eternal; Magus of the Voice of Power Virgo 20 Narcissus F natural
The Wheel of Fortune Lord of the Forces of Life Jupiter 21 Saffron A sharp
Justice/Adjustment Daughter of the Lords of Truth; Ruler of the Balance Libra 22 Galbanum F sharp
The Hanged Man Spirit of the Mighty Waters 23 Water Myrrh B natural, E natural
Death Children of the Great Transformers; Lord of the Gate of Death Scorpio 24 Benzoin G natural
Temperance/Art Daughter of the Reconcilers; Bringer-forth of Life Sagittarius 25 Lignum aloes G sharp
The Devil Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time Capricorn 26 Musk A natural
The Tower Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty Mars 27 Dragon's blood C natural
The Star Daughter of the Firmament; Dweller Between the Waters Aquarius 28 Galbanum A sharp
The Moon Ruler of Flux and Reflux; Child of the Sons of the Mighty Pisces 29 Ambergris B natural
The Sun Lord of the Fire of the World Sun 30 Cinnamon D natural