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Visionary Work and Incubation This course presents a series of practices in visionary work culminating in the practice of Incubation heru 8 3 Invite only
Hermetic Tarot Instruction in tarot as both divinatory method and a meditative tool heru 24 6 Invite only
Advanced Hermetic Theurgy Only available to students who have taken the Introduction, the Qabalah and the Healing courses, this course provides advanced training. heru 14 5 Invite only
Alchemy This course provides instruction in the use of plant alchemy in Hermetic theurgy. heru 15 8 Invite only
Hermetic Qabalah This course teaches a form of Qabalah that is practiced by western esoteric schools of Hermeticism. heru 22 11 Invite only
Hermetic Healing This course provides instruction in the primary form of healing taught at the Academy. heru 12 4 Invite only
Introduction to Hermetic Theurgy This course provides an introduction to the core methods and concepts taught by the Sophic Arts Academy of Hermetic Theurgy heru 31 11 Invite only
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