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Project: Awaken the Valley in Summer 2011

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This summer, we will begin an experiment in 'large' theurgy. We're calling it "Project: Awaken the Valley", and our intent is to find locally significant natural places where the Gods seem to be 'closer' and, through a program of invocation and seership, cultivate those places with theurgic offerings and related work. We hope to establish a living network of 'awakened' places in this way, and hope that this will be of immediate and long-term benefit to both the spirits of place and physical inhabitants, both plants and animals (including humans). We also hope to gain more expertise in Hermetic Theurgy worked in this fashion.


One-day Intensive class in Weaverville

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On February 12th I will be holding a one-day intensive class on Hermetic Theurgy in Weaverville. Registration is $20, online or at the door. This is a 6-hour intensive, with a one-hour lunch break! Here's the link to the class for more information:

Tarot Club Meetings

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The Tarot Club held its first meeting on Friday, January 7th. We discussed the cards, and held an inaugural reading to discover what we needed to learn about the Club and its place in the community. We used the 15-card layout with the Thoth deck, and here are the cards that came up:

The Tarot Club inaugural reading
Princess of Disks 7 of Cups 8 of Cups       Prince of Swords The Moon Ace of Cups
      Queen of Disks 10 of Cups The Chariot      
Fortune 2 of Swords Knight of Wands       4 of Swords Ace of Wands Lust

The overall summary suggests that we are ready to serve our local community as well as our own higher purpose. There are a lot of us in Hayfork who have become 'stuck', dealing with emotional issues, and feeling creatively blocked, so having access to intuitive guidance will be very useful. Many of us are afraid to 'rock the boat', and are resisting needed change, but if we can let go of our fear, we can find renewed strength and enthusiasm for work and life. The world at large is not what it seems, and we can't allow the tricksters and hucksters to rob us of hope. Much can and will be gained when we learn better how to find our inner stillness within the whirling change that seems to be accelerating in our lives.

We'll meet again on the 21st, at noon. See you all there!

Visionary Work added to Curriculum

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The curriculum has been updated to include a course in visionary work. This complements the theurgic ritual practices taught at the Academy, providing an inward focus for those practices to balance their outwardly directed emphasis. This Visionary course includes the study of advanced pathworking techniques, applications of the Chariot of Light, and Incubation, which is the art of journeying while the physical body is asleep or in deep trance. The goal of this course is to provide the student with an avenue for acquiring wisdom from the Otherworld and learning how to apply it on the theurgic path. The ultimate goal is for this wisdom to serve all, including the student.

Tarot class a success - Introductory Hermetic Theurgy coming!

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The recent two-day Hermetic Tarot class was a success. So much so that we (the alumni and I) will start a Tarot 'club', a periodic gathering where we practice readings and play tarot games. This was better than I hoped!

Coming up: another three-day Introduction to Hermetic Theurgy, in January. On the 5th, the 12th and the 19th, we will present the core practices that are used in so many ways at the Academy. Many of the courses require completion of this introductory class, so be sure to sign up soon!

Site resources reorganized!

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 The site resources have been reorganized for browser compatibility and ease of use. The Correspondences tab provides a searchable browser for the expanding network of correspondences on the site. The Tree of Life tab provides a browser for those correspondences and attributes of the Qabalistic tree of life, together with a graphic image of the Tree with hyperlinked Sephiroth and Paths. The Herb Finder provides tailored search for the herbs cataloged on the site; the selection will be growing in the near future! The Biblio tab links to the site bibliography. The Timeline is a work-in-progress; soon more important historical dates with associated information will be available here. Finally, the Links tab provides a display of interesting websites, which will be growing over time. Enjoy!

Online registration is now available!

Printer-friendly versionSend to friendYou may now register for classes at the Academy online. We accept Paypal, but you can use a credit card without registering for a Paypal account if you don't want to do so. Look for the link that gives you the option of paying without registering when you land on the Paypal page. Note that payments will be sent directly to me for now. I will open a separate business account if needed, but I don't want to incur the expense just yet.

Correction to Tarot class date: 12/1 and 12/8

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 The class on Hermetic Tarot will be held in two sessions, one on Wednesday, December 1st and the next one week away on December 8th, both from 7pm to 9pm. Go here for more information!

New classes starting!

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In November, the three-session tarot class is starting, and in January the quarterly Introduction to Hermetic Theurgy will be available for new students. Soon the site will provide online registration with Paypal support! Please note that all classes are held in Hayfork at the yoga studio. Contact us for more information or to reserve a space in class.

SAAHT is on Facebook

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The Academy has a Facebook page! Postings to the site blog will now automatically update FB.

To see the Facebook page, go to, or click the Facebook icon below the "Site news" block.

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