Separating the Sulfur: Leaving the Body

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In the Western tradition, a primary goal of many schools is to establish a continuity in awareness at all levels of the human psyche, in order to train the intuition and make the theurgist fully aware of her purpose for being. In the Golden Dawn school, one of the ways this is done is to separate a portion of the subtle body/bodies, energize that portion, and re-absorb it. This is meant to plant a seed deep within the self that will, in time, create deep and lasting change in the psyche and increase the theurgist's level of awareness until, eventually, a connection is established between all functioning parts.

In this curriculum, the theurgist is first taught to create the Chariot of Light, which acts as the vehicle for the awareness. This facilitates a gradual separation and purification of a portion of the psyche, and, more importantly, establishes a new point of view which will help shift awareness to a position that encompasses both conscious and unconscious content in the mind.

The Chariot of Light technique is used in other courses, such as the study of Hermetic Qabalah, as well as during advanced Incubation work. The work of Incubation is central to the path of Prophecy, in which the theurgist becomes a message-bearer between the world of Divinity and that of humanity. This path is exemplified within shamanic and shaman-like traditions the world over.