Pathworking with the Tarot

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This technique of studying the Tarot has gained popularity in recent years, and has many variations by which it may be applied. The version presented here is derived from the teachings ofDolores Ashcroft-Nowicki in several of her excellent books on the subject.

Whereas Tarot Meditation (or Skrying, as it is sometimes called) requires very little preparation and can be performed virtually anywhere, Tarot Pathworking requires solitude, quiet, and extra time for personal preparation. 


The method for Pathworking presented by the Academy follows a specific pattern for each of the three categories of cards: Major Arcana, Court Cards, and Number Cards. These patterns, or “templates”, require that you use the card imagery to flesh out the pathworking experience. Additional correspondences for each card may also be used to add detail to the experience and reinforce your understanding of the card.