Visionary Work and Incubation

Human beings have engaged in visionary practices for tens of thousands of years. From the shamanistic traditions of Asia to the Incubations practiced in ancient Greece, we have sought knowledge from the Otherworld in order to provide guidance in this world. In this course, students will explore the methods of Incubation as taught by the Academy, incorporating the Chariot of Light technique to enter the Otherworld in spirit. This course culminates in an overnight Temple sleep, wherein the student will learn to leave the body and journey throughout the night.

Course materials

Students are given a brief overview of the historical materials pertaining to visionary practices, and how they have developed over the centuries into their modern form as practiced in a number of traditions.

The class is led on a journey to the otherworldly Temple of Hekate. This journey provides students with some experience with the techniques that will be applied to Incubation work.

Students are given guidance on how to journey out of the body during the sleep cycle. For most people, sleep means relinquishing one's awareness, and they only remember fragmentary dreams that provide a clue that something more happened than oblivion. However, students will learn how to allow the body to sleep while retaining full awareness out of the body. This opens a vast new dimension of experience, and prepares students for the overnight Incubation practice.

Within the precincts of a consecrated Temple of the Mysteries, students will be able to experience an overnight Incubation, a journey that can result in powerful visionary experiences and provide the student with access to new resources of wisdom and guidance. Furthermore, the student's progress toward the all-important Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is helped by this kind of guidance.

FAQs: Visionary Work and Incubation

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