Advanced Hermetic Theurgy

This course provides advanced instruction in theurgic practices designed to take the student through a complete system of elemental invocations. It culminates in an invocation of the divine Genius of the theurgist.

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 One of the roots of the Hermetic practicum is the theurgy taught by Iamblichus in the third and fourth centuries CE. Iamblichean theurgy teaches that whereas Gods are each a whole entity, lacking nothing and being perfect images of the One from which they sprang, humans are partial and imperfect. Our souls have voluntarily exiled themselves from the Whole in order to make manifest the perfection of Deity within a realm that is set apart.

The students receive a series of initiatory transmissions and learn personal workings that awaken the four Elements within. During this process, each student dedicates a portion of his or her Salt (personal time and a bodily Witness such as hair or spittle), Mercury (energy and energetic work) and Sulfur (consciousness and intent) to the Elements, such that when the parts are reunited within the student, they bring with them a "tincture' of the Whole.

Students will learn how to apply the Chariot of Light technique in progressively more advanced visionary work, culminating in the intensive practice of Incubation. In Incubation, the student journeys to the Otherworld to acquire knowledge that may be brought back to this world for the betterment of self and others. This practice complements the ritual work of theurgy, providing the inward, "night-time" aspect that gives theurgy its deep, expressive power.

In Hermetic theurgy, the term "god-form" refers to the image of a divine Being, visualized by the theurgist for a variety of purposes. In this course, the student will learn the fundamental techniques of god-form assumption as used during ritual. In addition, the student will be introduced to more advanced techniques in preparation for the Mahayoga Tantra practice as taught by Sam Webster in his book, Tantric Thelema.

Abraham the Jew was medieval Kabbalist of great renown who wrote the infamous "Book of Abramelin." In this book, he described a spiritual retreat which one may undertake in order to eventually have the experience of communicating with one's "holy guardian angel", which the Kabbalists believe accompanies all human beings during their lifetimes.

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