In Hermetic healing, the foremost diagnostic tool is the trained intuition of the healer. In the Hermetic tradition, the primary goal of the seeker is to first establish a strong, consistent connection with the deep Self and the sources of knowledge springing up from It. This connection is cultivated by clearing away the obscurations that cloud the seeker's perception of that Self, and there are many ways to do this. Students will explore some of these as part of diagnostic training.


This section lists those materials related primarily to healing.



Students will acquire experience with the practice of Hermetic healing. They will receive a set of tools, the Caduceus and the Tablet, which are used to exercise Intent and acquire Knowledge, respectively. At the completion of the Course, students will have the opportunity to join the Healing Circle, which provides services for the community at large.


Students will learn the theory behind Hermetic healing as taught at the Academy. This theory builds upon knowledge acquired during the study of Qabalah, alchemy, astrology, and other Hermetic disciplines, creating a comprehensive and integrative approach to healing. Students will also learn that healing, as such, goes beyond the correction of physical illness by addressing the fundamental wholeness of the patient. It is therefore a legitimate way to further one's spiritual growth and learning.