Tarot Club Meetings

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The Tarot Club held its first meeting on Friday, January 7th. We discussed the cards, and held an inaugural reading to discover what we needed to learn about the Club and its place in the community. We used the 15-card layout with the Thoth deck, and here are the cards that came up:

The Tarot Club inaugural reading
Princess of Disks 7 of Cups 8 of Cups       Prince of Swords The Moon Ace of Cups
      Queen of Disks 10 of Cups The Chariot      
Fortune 2 of Swords Knight of Wands       4 of Swords Ace of Wands Lust

The overall summary suggests that we are ready to serve our local community as well as our own higher purpose. There are a lot of us in Hayfork who have become 'stuck', dealing with emotional issues, and feeling creatively blocked, so having access to intuitive guidance will be very useful. Many of us are afraid to 'rock the boat', and are resisting needed change, but if we can let go of our fear, we can find renewed strength and enthusiasm for work and life. The world at large is not what it seems, and we can't allow the tricksters and hucksters to rob us of hope. Much can and will be gained when we learn better how to find our inner stillness within the whirling change that seems to be accelerating in our lives.

We'll meet again on the 21st, at noon. See you all there!