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The Sacred Magician - A Ceremonial Diary

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TitleThe Sacred Magician - A Ceremonial Diary
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsBloom), Georges Chevalier(William
ISBN Number9780586082393
AbstractI read this book about 30 years ago and to date I have seen no one else write about it who actually did the operation to it's end. I found it to be an excellent record, in day to day diary form, of an amazing system of Magic! The book is fantastic and a wonderful read! I have read it myself a few times over the years and still find it amazing. It levees you with a vary strange feeling after reading. In my opinion the man actually did the operation and got the results. Funny, you hear lot's of people talk about the system of Abramelin but they don't say they went through it. If you are wondering what it would be like to actually undertake the 'Sacred Magic of Abramelin', then read this book. I recommend to all. It is very easy to read and certainly worth your time.
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