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Dolores is a prime expositor of pathworking in the Western tradition, and this book is a treasure trove of insights into the Tree of Life.\ I borrow from some of these for my own twist on the art.

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[Amazon reviewer] I have been involved in metaphysical subjects since 1969 and could not understand the Kabbalah or the Tree of Life until the initial printing of this book came out. This is a GREAT book for people of a non-Jewish background, especially if you are a Pagan, who wish to understand this glyph of the Kabbalah. Once you read the book it will enlighten you to the reason of why the Sephira react the way they do. My advice is to get a copy of this book, read it as a novel (like Alice{\textquoteright}s Adventures in Wonderland) then get a diagram of the Tree of Life, see the correlations, and do the chapters as a meditation. Then you can go back to Jewish texts about the Tree and understand what they are trying to say. This is a CLASSIC, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND Text about the Tree of Life that shouldn{\textquoteright}t keep going out of print the way it does,so get yours today.

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