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Alchemists Handbook:

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TitleAlchemists Handbook:
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsAlbertus, Frater
EditionRev Exp
PublisherWeiser Books
ISBN Number9780877286554

A how-to book of Alchemy seems unheard of, but here it is! Written by Frater Albertus in the 60's, director of the (now closed down as of 1984) Paracelsus Research Society. The book acts as an introduction to the world of Alchemy, describing its process as well as the symbols employed in Alchemical nomenclature. While it may take a couple of readings to really and truly grasp it, the real learning takes place in the laboratory. Frater Albertus is clear in his meaning and attemts not to confuse the reading by falling to far into the mystical language of the alchemists. The only drawback that I personally had with this book is the M.S. of the "Wisdom of the Sages" installed after Albertus' own writings. The M.S. was written in 1777 written in Latin and German (here translated for you). The content is fine and dandy, however, if I wanted to read an alchemical text, I would not have bought this book to do so. There are plenty of ancient and medieval alchemical texts in print now where I can easily pick one up, however, this book's intention was to learn the art and practice of alchemy in its clearest unobtrusive language. Furthermore, the book is a little more than 100 pages, while the M.S. covers 40 of those pages - almost half the book. So this was disappointing when I wanted to read more of what Frater Albertus had to say. So if you are interested in Alchemy and want a glimmer of light into its practice, I highly reccomend this book, save the last portion of it.

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