The Knowledge of and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel

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Abraham the Jew was medieval Kabbalist of great renown who wrote the infamous "Book of Abramelin." In this book, he described a spiritual retreat which one may undertake in order to eventually have the experience of communicating with one's "holy guardian angel", which the Kabbalists believe accompanies all human beings during their lifetimes.

The Golden Dawn system incorporated the idea of the angel, associating it with the "body of light", or augoeides soma, a concept from Neoplatonism. In the Golden Dawn, the initiate seeks the experience of the "knowledge and conversation" without necessarily being told exactly what this experience entails. This omission appears to be deliberate, in that each individual must discover the meaning of this for him- or herself.

Please note that this is in no way equivalent to having an Inner Guide, which is a valuable but separate kind of experience. The KCHGA (as it is often abbreviated) is considered by those who have undergone it to be fundamentally transcendent in many ways, and of a different order entirely from the psychic contact experienced with Guides.

The result of this experience is that the initiate gains a source of guidance which becomes a great inner teacher on the path. At this point, the initiate is considered to be an Adept and is responsible for his or her own learning henceforth.

In Hermetic theurgy, this experience brings a very deep level of intuitive knowledge that goes beyond hunches or guesswork. It is the sine qua non of the Great Work of Western esoteric practice and study. The fundamental practices of this curriculum tend to lead the initiate in this direction, and as we work together to develop it further, more practices and studies will be added that enable this.